Monday, July 16, 2007

Last 7 Lasts

1. The last Movie I watched: Transformers
2. The last time I blogged: May 4, 2007
3. The last game I played: CS: Source
4. The last Chuck Norris movie I saw: Missing In Action
5. The last time I went to Megazone: Saturday, July 14, 2007
6.The last vacation I went on: Cairns, Australia
7. The last time I went to Guam: Last summer

Friday, May 4, 2007

System Failing

Over the past few weeks the Saipan Southern High School's ID card system has had many defects. You never know when your ID card will get an unexpected error that corrupts the way your card works so you cant buy lunch. It's very irritating when you wait forever in the luch line (about 40 min.) because all the Koreans give their ID cards to one guy and he buys lunch for all of them. Yes, every single Korean person including the Indo-Koreans, Chinese-Koreans, Japanese-Koreans, Carolinian-Koreans, Chamorro-Koreans, Korean-Koreans, just about every Korean person and bunnies and in bunnies I mean stupid people who smoke pot in the back of the H building. Anyway, when you stand in line forever and then your card has an error you get mad, really mad. So you have to go bring it to the office and join another line where you must wait forever to fix it and then go back to the luch line to actually buy the lunch you would buy before the line that you were in. So yeah the new ID card thing isn't my favorite thing about the school.

There are many problems with the Public School System and they really do have an effect on the families. Take a look at this family. Both parents work for PSS and three of their children attend public school.

For just 6 million dollars untill the next Fiscal Year you can help out PSS and eventually help this family.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ask a Ninja

Sorry guys, I know that I put alot of vids on my blog but you have got to see this. This guy is sooooooo funny

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Blogger Meet up

Last night us bloggers got together at Java Joe's. If you were there I was really tired and didn't feel like do anything but wait for my mom. I finally decided to go over and hang out with everyone else. Everyone was pretty friendly to me. Usually when I have to sit around other adults they just ignore me.

I drank two tall almond rocachinos those things are so good.

It was pretty fun watching Angelo trying to teach my mom to do that meta-data thing. My mom was struggling to get it right. I had no idea my old science lab teacher was a blogger. I got to meet some new people like Bev. I didn't know that Bubbles In Paradise was her blog. There was this guy who was interviewing everyone and then my mom said something about me so he started asking me questions. I wish I could do that interview over again. I wasn't prepared, I think everyone else was thinking about what they would say if they got interviewed.

Congresswoman Cinta Kaipat came too. Then her bro pulled out his uke and started to jam some stuff. Man, that guy is good. She told me about the pet show for Beautify CNMI and my mom asked if we could enter our goat. Angelo said it could run for most ugly dog. I don't think that goat would cooperate with me last time we tried to walk it it wouldn't move. I really don't like that goat. I don't really know why we need one either. Its like a luxury I guess, ha a luxury goat.

I cant wait till the next blogger meet up. Its cool to be with other bloggers (besides my mom)

I got some cool new words:

1)Blogarrhea-A condition where a person posts long, rambling, irrelevant, or frequent entries in their blog

2)Bloggernacle- A mormon blogosphere, a community of blogs run by mormons devoted to mormon topics.

3)Blogstipation- inability to blog regularly; inability to think of anything to blog about.

Thats it for now but i shall blog later.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trying to decide on a career

Careers, careers, careers. As freshmen i think everyone is really trying find out what to do with the rest of their lives. As for me its really hard to find something to do. Even finding a hobby is really hard to do for me. Lately i've been wanting to skate. I tried before but when I found out it was going to take time to learn the simplest tricks I gave up. So i'm trying to go back and get good over the summer.

Anyways,most everyone here on Saipan see the military as a career because it seems like the only oppurtunity. There isn't really a wide variety of careers here on Saipan so people tend to see the military as the only answer. As for me, i'm a little more opened minded. I think a career in game designing would be cool, but who knows I could change my by the next hour. I'm just gonna keep looking till I find something that I can do for the rest of my life.

Or Angelo could make me his padawan so I can learn the way of the Jedi.

I wish that my parents were rich and when they die I would get like alot of money so I didnt have to work.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

SAT 10 (yah)

Tomorrow i will have to take the SAT 10 my favorite test in the school year (not). Freshmen and Juniors will be taking the SAT 10. Sophmores and Seniors will not have to take them because, PSS does not have enough money to test all grades.

We are being assigned to different rooms and I think we will have to stay there all day taking different tests. I have to go to D105 I have no idea whose room that is. I hope its not Sir Punz, he likes to talk to me and ask me alot of questions. One time when I was walking out of the cafeteria he asked me "Whats the problem?" and I said "I don't know." he said " Well when you find out tell me." Just stuff like that, you know to bother me. Sometimes he can be funny.

Anyways, I'm tired of taking SAT testing. It is really annoying. Every other year, it can get boring. I think we will have to take it the whole week. Do like two whole subjects every day. What makes it challenging is that its timed. I hate timed tests. My algebra teacher said for english we only have like 30 sec. for one question.

So even though I don't want to I have to take yet another SAT.

Oh yeah, and after that we have more testing. SBA's and final exam testing its that time of year.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Video Game Violence: Spinning Out Of Control?

The last couple of months new games have been coming out for the new consoles. I've noticed almost all these games have been getting more and more violent. A game came out a month ago called "Dead Rising" in this game you are a photographer who gets caught in this huge mall where zombies have taken over. So as a photographer this is the scoop of a lifetime. So in the mall you have objectives where you need to take pictures and rescue survivors, but in this mall you may use anything as a weapon to kill these flesh hungry zombies. There is a wide variety of weapons. Including chainsaws, lawnmowers, sledgehammers, nailguns, etc. Using these weapons you can expect a very bloody death for the zombies.

This game is obviously a game for people 18+. But some parents here buy these games for their children having the " It's just a game" mentality. Which yes it is a game but kids are influenced by what they see on tv and what they hear on the radio. These games desensitize kids. If people keep buying these games, the producers keep making them and they will keep getting more and more violent.