Friday, May 4, 2007

System Failing

Over the past few weeks the Saipan Southern High School's ID card system has had many defects. You never know when your ID card will get an unexpected error that corrupts the way your card works so you cant buy lunch. It's very irritating when you wait forever in the luch line (about 40 min.) because all the Koreans give their ID cards to one guy and he buys lunch for all of them. Yes, every single Korean person including the Indo-Koreans, Chinese-Koreans, Japanese-Koreans, Carolinian-Koreans, Chamorro-Koreans, Korean-Koreans, just about every Korean person and bunnies and in bunnies I mean stupid people who smoke pot in the back of the H building. Anyway, when you stand in line forever and then your card has an error you get mad, really mad. So you have to go bring it to the office and join another line where you must wait forever to fix it and then go back to the luch line to actually buy the lunch you would buy before the line that you were in. So yeah the new ID card thing isn't my favorite thing about the school.

There are many problems with the Public School System and they really do have an effect on the families. Take a look at this family. Both parents work for PSS and three of their children attend public school.

For just 6 million dollars untill the next Fiscal Year you can help out PSS and eventually help this family.

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BoReGo said...

Uncle Ed (who is slacking on starting a blog) took over 100 photos and only a few turned out "ok". Blame it on Sommy!