Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Blogger Meet up

Last night us bloggers got together at Java Joe's. If you were there I was really tired and didn't feel like do anything but wait for my mom. I finally decided to go over and hang out with everyone else. Everyone was pretty friendly to me. Usually when I have to sit around other adults they just ignore me.

I drank two tall almond rocachinos those things are so good.

It was pretty fun watching Angelo trying to teach my mom to do that meta-data thing. My mom was struggling to get it right. I had no idea my old science lab teacher was a blogger. I got to meet some new people like Bev. I didn't know that Bubbles In Paradise was her blog. There was this guy who was interviewing everyone and then my mom said something about me so he started asking me questions. I wish I could do that interview over again. I wasn't prepared, I think everyone else was thinking about what they would say if they got interviewed.

Congresswoman Cinta Kaipat came too. Then her bro pulled out his uke and started to jam some stuff. Man, that guy is good. She told me about the pet show for Beautify CNMI and my mom asked if we could enter our goat. Angelo said it could run for most ugly dog. I don't think that goat would cooperate with me last time we tried to walk it it wouldn't move. I really don't like that goat. I don't really know why we need one either. Its like a luxury I guess, ha a luxury goat.

I cant wait till the next blogger meet up. Its cool to be with other bloggers (besides my mom)

I got some cool new words:

1)Blogarrhea-A condition where a person posts long, rambling, irrelevant, or frequent entries in their blog

2)Bloggernacle- A mormon blogosphere, a community of blogs run by mormons devoted to mormon topics.

3)Blogstipation- inability to blog regularly; inability to think of anything to blog about.

Thats it for now but i shall blog later.


BoReGo said...

You're a chip off the old blog!

Marianas Eye said...

I haven't been called "dude" by someone under 30 since I was under 30. So, what would you say differently in a "do it all over again" interview?


The Saipan Blogger said...

PLEASE bring that goat

CNMI Blogger said...

LOL to "chip off the old blog."

To Dude, do I get to do my interview over again, too? I, too, was ill-prepared for that interview. Couldn't you tell?

As to the goat, have you ever heard of the expression "stubborn goat"? Or was that "stubborn old mule"? LOL!